Avenue 5 Cancelada su aventura espacial en HBO Max. Final explicado.

Fans of the sci-fi comedy Avenue 5 will have to settle for the two seasons available on HBO Max. Despite its originality and the charisma of its protagonist, Hugh Laurie, the series has not been renewed for a third season.

Created by Armando Iannucci (Veep), took us aboard the luxurious space cruise ship Avenue 5, captained by the incompetent Herman Judd (Laurie). After an unexpected accident, the ship is diverted from its original course, embarking its passengers on a space odyssey full of comical situations and moments of reflection.

While the series garnered positive reviews for its biting humor and social satire, the viewership was not as expected, leading HBO Max to make the decision to cancel it.

Why was Avenue 5 canceled?

  • Insufficient viewership: Despite its quality, Avenue 5 has failed to attract a large enough audience to guarantee its continuity.
  • Fierce competition: The supply of quality series on streaming platforms is increasingly growing, making it difficult for a series like Avenue 5 to stand out from the crowd.
  • Production costs: The special effects and construction of space sets could have considerably raised the series’ production costs, making it unprofitable.
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Despite its cancellation, Avenue 5 leaves a legacy of intelligent humor and endearing characters. Fans who have enjoyed the two available seasons can find solace in the fact that the story has concluded satisfactorily, with no loose ends.

Explained ending of the great sci-fi comedy on HBO Max

Attention, spoilers! Here is the ending of the HBO series explained:

  • After the crash landing on Earth, the passengers of Avenue 5 find themselves in an underground bunker in Utah.
  • Herman Judd (Hugh Laurie), the incompetent captain, tries to maintain control of the situation, but is soon overwhelmed by events.
  • The crew and passengers split into two groups: those who follow Judd and those who rebel against him, led by Billie McEvoy (Josh Gad).
  • Billie discovers that Jeff Masterson (Toby Huss), the billionaire who financed the space voyage, has a sinister plan to get rid of the passengers.
  • Billie and her allies manage to thwart Masterson’s plan and save the passengers.
  • The series ends with Avenue 5 on its way to being repaired and the passengers about to embark on a new space journey, this time with Billie at the helm.
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Is there anything left to resolve?

Yes, the series ends with some unanswered questions:

  • What will happen to Herman Judd? Will he be allowed to be captain again?
  • What future awaits the passengers? Will they finally reach their destination?
  • Despite its open ending, Avenue 5 has been an entertaining and original series that has left a good taste in the mouths of many viewers.

So, are you a fan of Avenue 5? Would you have liked to see a season 3?