Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: Cola Wars

That’s right, a Coca-Cola vs Pepsi movie has been confirmed. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last fifty years, you will know that both brands have been engaged in a fierce war for the power of the soft drink industry. In fact, this movie will adapt just that, the so-called Cola Wars.

“Cola Wars” is the title of the Coca-Cola vs Pepsi movie

Coca cola vs pepsi polar bear movie

The news was confirmed through the Deadline website who gave the first details of the film and its development. The film will be produced by Sony. This is excellent news, since Sony Pictures always makes very good movies. The production company has paid the sum of 1.5 million dollars to be able to produce the film. The provisional title of the film is “Cola Wars”. The script is being written by Jason Shuman and Ben Queen. Each of them has already chosen sides in this war. Ben Queen is on Coca-Cola’s side, while Jason Shuman will be part of Pepsi’s team.

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The context of the “war of the colas”

Pepsi historical spot

The film is set in the 1980s. It will reflect historical events in the rivalry between the two brands, such as the famous Michael Jackson incident and the savage media and advertising battle that the soft drink companies went through during those years. While more news about the film is known, you can watch several documentaries on the subject on Youtube and Netflix, for example, the surreal case of the boy who denounced Pepsi for not receiving an F-16 fighter after having collected an absurd amount of points to get it, as it was said in an advertising spot and that the company refused to give it to him. Not to be missed.

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Superheroes give way to big brands

It is amazing how in recent years films of this type have made their way into billboards and streaming platforms. We already saw a movie about the fast food franchise “McDonald’s”. The story of Nike’s famous “Air Jordan” sneakers, available on Netflix or the most recent and successful case of the “Barbie” doll. Well, now it is the turn of the two most famous soft drink brands on the planet. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, the movie, let the cola war begin.