Cycle (2012) La película animada de ciencia ficción mas desconocida del catálogo de Netflix

If you’re a fan of adult animation and science fiction, you’ve probably spent hours browsing the Netflix catalog looking for hidden gems. Today we bring you a recommendation that you surely didn’t know: Cycle (2012). This animated science fiction film is a hidden treasure that deserves to be discovered. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this incredible work.

What is this animated science fiction film about?

Cycle is an animated science fiction film that was released in 2012. Despite its quality and originality, it remains one of the least known films within the Netflix catalog. This animated gem, directed by Zoltan Sostai, offers a unique visual and narrative experience that will keep you glued to the screen.

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The story of Cycle revolves around an astronaut trapped in a time loop on an alien planet. Each cycle gives him a new opportunity to discover the truth behind his situation and find a way out. The film combines elements of suspense, mystery, and philosophy, exploring deep themes about existence and the perception of time.

Why Should You Watch Cycle?

Cycle’s animation is impressive and stylistically unique. It uses innovative techniques that differentiate this animated science fiction film from other more conventional ones. The alien landscapes and character designs are truly extraordinary and reflect a meticulous attention to detail.

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Although animation is often associated with children’s content, Cycle is a clear example of adult animation. Its complex themes and mature tone make it ideal for an audience that seeks more than superficial entertainment. If you like stories that make you think and challenge you, this movie is perfect for you.

Cycle in the Netflix Catalog

Netflix is known for its wide selection of content, but finding hidden gems like Cycle can be a challenge. This animated science fiction film has not received the attention it deserves, making it an exciting discovery for fans of the genre.

Comparison with Other Sci-Fi Animated Films

Compared to other animated science fiction films on Netflix, Cycle stands out for its originality and depth. While films like Ghost in the Shell and Akira are better known, Cycle offers a fresh and unique perspective within the genre. If you’ve already seen the big productions and are looking for something different, Cycle is an excellent option.

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