Gohan Místico ahora se llama...

The 102nd Dragon Ball Super manga has left us with some incredible moments. From the fight between Goku Ultrainstinct vs. Gohan Beast to Son Gohan’s fight against Goten and Trunks, the fusion and the new transformation of Gohan Beast. Although for what all the fans were waiting for, the fight between Goku and Gohan, we will have to wait until the manga 103 of Dragon Ball Super which is released on March 20 and you can watch it for free on the MANGA Plus by SHUESHA page. However, this chapter has also left us with an unexpected revelation. Apparently, fans have been calling Gohan’s most famous transformation by the wrong name for years.

Manga 102 of Dragon Ball Super

Goku Ultrainstinct vs. Gohan Beast

The episode begins with Goku inviting Gohan, Goten and Trunks to accompany him to Bills’ planet to check out the power Gohan has achieved thanks to Beast Mode. There they meet Vegeta, Broly, the god of destruction Bills, the angel Wish and Broly’s friends, who now live there. but before the Goku vs. Gohan fight begins, Vegeta proposes that Goku’s son first measure his strength with Goten and Trunks. After the warm-up bout, in which Gohan’s superiority becomes clear, the real confrontation between father and son begins. It becomes clear that they are both Saiyajin, because they both decide to start the fight with their most powerful transformations. Ultra-Instinct Goku vs Beast Gohan.

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Mystic Gohan is now Ultimate Gohan

mystic vs. definitive

If you’ve ever wondered… Why doesn’t Gohan transform into SSJ during fights? The answer is very simple. Because he doesn’t need to. During the Majin Boo saga in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan reached a much stronger transformation than Super Saiyajin. We’re talking about the mystic state or Mystic Gohan as we fans have been calling him so far. But apparently we were all wrong. The truth is that this transformation never had an official name by Akira Toriyama. It seems that at the time someone thought this name was cool and the rest of us just went along with it. Until now. And is that thanks to the manga 102 of Dragon Ball Super, and more specifically Son Goten, we know the “canon” and official name of this transformation. The mystic state or Mystic Gohan is now called ultimate state, ultimate mode or Ultimate Gohan.

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Ultrainstinct Goku vs Beast Gohan

Guku vs Gohan

The most anticipated Dragon Ball showdown in recent years is about to begin. Goku Ultrainstinct vs Gohan Beast Mode. Which transformation is the most powerful? To find out we’ll have to wait for Dragon Ball Super manga 103, available for free on theMANGA Plus by SHUESHAhttps://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/titles/200025 page. This new saga has started off strong with some dream clashes like Vegeta vs. Broly, Gohan vs. Goten and Trunks and now Goku vs. Gohan. But this has only just begun and the best is yet to come. The threat of Black Freezer is still present and that in Dragon Ball means incredible fights and new transformations.

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