KNY Temporada 3
KNY Temporada 3

Tanjiro, Nezuko and company leave the pleasure district behind to enter the village of the blacksmiths. There they will come face to face with some of the most powerful upper moons, although they will have the help of two extraordinary pillars.

Gathering of the upper moons in the infinite castle

After the defeat of Daki and Gyuutaro, Muzan “ayuwoki” Kibutsuyi gathers the rest of the upper moons. Some of them we already know, but others are still complete strangers to those who only follow the anime.

Gyokko: Upper Moon 5

gyokko upper moon 5

Human name: Managi

Age: 113

Demonic blood technique: Gyokko’s technique allows him to perform a huge and varied amount of attacks. All of them lethal. He can create a large number of vases, through which he can move instantly. In addition, thanks to them he can manipulate the water element and materialize demon fish or a giant octopus to attack his opponents. He can also trap his enemies in vase-shaped water prisons, drowning them to death. Gyokko also possesses an ultimate form, which makes him even more powerful. He adopts a humanoid form and grows scales harder than diamond that cover his entire body.

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Hantengu: Upper Moon 4

hantengu upper moon 4

Human name: Unknown

Age: 200

Demonic Blood Technique: Hantengu’s main technique consists of the ability to manifest different emotions in the form of clones of himself. Each of these clones possesses a unique appearance, personality and abilities. Anger: Sekido. He was the leader of the rest of the clones and could manipulate the lightning element. Relaxation: Karaku. Thanks to his fan he could manipulate the wind element.Sadness: Aizetsu. He possesses a spear, which he can manipulate his form at will. Delight: Urogi. His ability consists of emitting powerful sound waves that stun his opponent. Hatred: Zohakuten. It was the combination of the forms of anger, relaxation, sadness and delight. He can manipulate the wood element. Resentment: Urami. Hantengu’s final form, which discharged all the resentment he carried with him.

Kokushibo: Upper Moon 1

kokushivo upper moon 1

Human name: Michikatsu Tsugikuni

Age: 480/485

Demon blood technique: Kokushibo is the only demon capable of performing his own style of breathing. This is known as lunar breathing. With it he can perform a terrible demonic blood technique called crescent moon blades. As the name suggests, with this technique he can throw at his enemies sharp crescent moon shaped blades that fly at incredible speeds. He also possesses a katana made of his own flesh, so if the sword is damaged or breaks, it can regenerate almost instantly.

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Akaza: Upper Moon 3 and Douma: Upper Moon 2

How can we forget the fight between Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku? Tears still come to our eyes when we remember the fateful outcome. Douma, on the other hand, is a mystery to many. We only caught a fleeting glimpse of him in the previous arc of the pleasure district. But for now we only know that he was the one who turned Daki and Gyuutaro into demons. But we shouldn’t be too excited to see all these upper moons reunited, since the only ones we’ll see in action in this new arc will be Gyokko and Hantengu.

Two new pillars will help Tanjiro and Nezuko

Both Kyojuro Rengoku and Tengen Uzui have already won a place in our hearts. Now it is the turn of the beautiful Mitsuri Kanroji and Muichiro Tokito. This time they will be in charge of helping our friends to face the upper moons.

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Pillar of love: Mitsuri Kanroji

mitsuri kanroji

Mitsuri is a cheerful girl, although she can sometimes seem a bit shy and frightened. She joined the demon hunter corps with the intention of finding a man as strong as her. This girl possesses superhuman strength. She is possibly the most powerful pillar in terms of physical strength. However, Mitsuri is also a prodigy with the sword. And how could it be otherwise when her mentor was Kyojuro Rengoku himself? He was the one who supported her and gave her the necessary confidence to create her own style of breathing, the breathing of love.

Pillar of mist: Muichiro Tokito

muichiro tokito

Prodigy. That is the word that best defines the pillar of the mist. When he was only eleven years old, he joined the demon hunter corps. In this way he became the youngest person to enter this institution in history. Even Tengen Uzui himself is full of praise when he talks about him. His incredible skill with the katana perhaps comes from his family lineage. Muichiro is a descendant of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who later became Kokushibo, the upper moon one. He also bears some parallels to this one, as they both had a twin brother.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Heading for the Blacksmiths’ Village can already be seen in many movie theaters around the world. But to see season three in its entirety, we will have to wait until April 9.