Temporada 5 de Manifest ¿Habrá más misterios en Montego Air

Manifest, the mystery-thriller series that captivated audiences with its plot about a plane that returns after five years undetected, has concluded its story with season 4. Despite its great success on Netflix, there will be no Manifest season 5.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why the series has come to an end, analyze the ending of the story, and review some of the aspects that made it an underrated series.

Why there will be no Manifest season 5

The decision not to renew Manifest for a fifth season has been made by Netflix, despite the great support the series has received from fans.

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There are several reasons that could have influenced this decision:

  • The creators’ original plans: The story of Manifest was originally conceived for six seasons. However, after the cancellation of the series by NBC, Netflix could only produce one more season to conclude the story satisfactorily.
  • Production costs: Manifest is a high-budget series due to its special effects and the complexity of its plot. It is possible that Netflix considered that the production costs were not sustainable in the long term.
  • Audiences: Although Manifest has been a success on Netflix, the audiences have not been high enough to guarantee the renewal of the series for a fifth season.

Manifest: An explained ending

Manifest season 4 has been divided into two parts, the last of which premiered on Netflix on June 2, 2023.

In this final season, the passengers of Flight 828 face the death date, known as “the death date”. As they fight to avoid their fate, they must also uncover the mystery surrounding their return and the true meaning of their “callings”.

The ending of Manifest has been met with mixed reactions from the audience. Some fans have considered that the series has closed its story satisfactorily, while others have been disappointed with the resolution of some of the mysteries.

Manifest: An underrated series

Despite its success on Netflix, Manifest is considered by many to be an underrated series.

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Some of the aspects that make it a special series are:

  • Its original and addictive plot: Manifest blends elements of mystery, science fiction, and family drama in a unique and original way. The series keeps you hooked from the first episode, eager to learn more about the mysteries surrounding Flight 828.
  • Its complex and endearing characters: The characters of Manifest are complex and have their own flaws and motivations. You will feel connected to them and care about their fate.
  • Its hopeful message: Despite its mysterious and dark elements, Manifest also has a hopeful message about the importance of family, hope, and faith.

If you like mystery, science fiction, and drama series, we recommend that you give Manifest a chance. You won’t regret it.