Final de 'Ni una más'

Final of “No more” Netflix has launched one of the most shocking series of 2024. Based on the novel by Miguel Sáez Carral and starring a stellar trio: Nicole Wallace, Clara Galle and Aïcha Villaverde, “Ni una mas” will grab you from the very first episode.

The plot revolves around Alma (Wallace), a student who decides to take matters into her own hands in the face of injustice. Her courageous action triggers a series of events that reveal the complex realities facing young women today.

Throughout 8 chapters, you will witness the experiences of Alma and her friends, Greta and Nata. Intertwined by friendship, they will navigate love, toxic relationships, family dilemmas and the crucial decisions they must make after high school.

“No More” will not only entertain you, but will also make you reflect on violence against women. With a raw and realistic plot, the series seeks to raise awareness and open a necessary dialogue in our society.

Do you want to find out how Alma, Greta and Nata’s story ends? Don’t miss “No more” on Netflix.

Who abused Alma?

The plot opens with Alma posting a sign at her school to accuse a sex offender and sharing on her social networks a post that reads,. “This was me before I was raped.” Gradually, the truth behind what happened to Wallace is revealed after she attends a party, takes drugs and mysteriously disappears, which causes great distress to her friend Greta.

We witness how someone takes her away from the party while she is semi-conscious and how she tries to move on with her life. A trauma that intensifies when she receives images of sexual content from an anonymous account on Instagram. Eventually, it is revealed that the man responsible for the rape is David (played by José Pastor), a lifelong friend who is in love with her.

In a tense confrontation, he claims that she also wanted to have sex with him. As Alma had previously expressed her desire to get revenge on the boy she liked (Greta’s brother) by having sex with his friend, although she later changed her mind due to her state of unconsciousness, which prevented him from reacting.

Upon hearing his justification, she retorts that a true friend would have taken her home instead of taking advantage of her. Although their friendship is never the same, he ends up supporting her when she decides to confront her school rapist. It is then that we understand that the sign with which the series began was not to denounce her own rape, but to make visible other cases of abuse occurring in her school.

How Nata and Alberto end up on “No more

Nata and Alberto, played by Gabriel Guevara, embody the essence of a toxic teenage relationship. Nata, a friend of Alma and Greta, chooses to spend her time with Alberto’s circle of friends, which exposes her to listening to her boyfriend criticize her friends. The dynamics of their relationship become increasingly rough, both because of his irascible temper and his disinterest in keeping romance alive.

The climax of the drama is reached on Valentine’s Day. Nata, expecting a romantic date with Alberto, ends up, after a sudden change of plans, in a sexual encounter in the room of a friend of his. After the act, in which she finds no pleasure whatsoever, Alberto abandons her to play play play with his friends, leaving her愤ada愤ada and propitiating his departure.

In an attempt at reconciliation, Nata suggests an alternative plan: infiltrate the house of some neighbors to enjoy a romantic dinner. The adrenaline of this act leads them to have sex on the neighbors’ couch. Seduced by the thrill of the experience, they decide to repeat the experience in an abandoned house.

However, upon arriving at the house, Nata finds that Alberto has invited all his friends. Upset by the betrayed expectation of intimacy, she retreats to a room, only to have the group burst in proposing an orgy. Her refusal is ignored as Alberto’s friends approach, unbuckling their belts, while he watches hesitantly.

Fortunately, police intervention prevents the situation from escalating, and everyone flees. In a subsequent confrontation, Alberto justifies his behavior by claiming that Nata had expressed interest in a similar experience, to which she replies that it was just a fantasy and that she can’t believe he would consider allowing his friends to abuse her.

After countless breakups and reconciliations, and after discovering, thanks to Alma. That Alberto was the one who insulted her on social networks and sent her explicit photos, Nata makes the definitive decision to end the relationship of

Greta’s love story

In parallel, Greta faces her own problem. Her family, after a significant economic loss, is driven to sell drugs, grown in a clandestine plantation in their basement. One day, while Greta is at the supermarket, she meets a woman who asks her if she knows any drug dealers who can supply her with drugs. Greta, without hesitation, offers herself as a supplier.

After several meetings at the woman’s house to smoke, Greta begins to develop feelings for her, until she discovers that she is a cop. Fearing that he has approached her for the sole purpose of arresting her family, Greta warns her brother to get rid of all the drugs and arranges a last meeting, ready to seduce her and then blackmail her.

However, the police assure her that she is not on an undercover mission. But is looking for the weed for her personal use, something that is confirmed when it is revealed that she is involved in crimes like the one Alma ends up reporting at her school.

Ending Explained of “No more”

No more ending. So who is the rapist Alma talks about on her social networks and accuses with a sign at school? Here you have the explained ending of ‘Ni una más’. Throughout the series, it is revealed that Alma had another friend before Nata: Berta (Teresa De Mera), who changed high school and with whom Alma lost contact until they meet again in a mall.

Since then, they begin to reminisce about their past. Berta, known for being a compulsive liar, began to have psychotic outbreaks, which led to their separation. Days later, after a suicide attempt, Berta confesses to Alma her ordeal. Since she started being raped by her history teacher (Iván Massagué), the attacks became present.

Believing in her truth, Alma decides to create an account with Berta to denounce the rape and support other girls. She accepts private lessons with the teacher to expose it, which provokes another attack in Berta, scared for her friend’s safety. However, the classes go on without incident.

While arguing on a bus, Berta, unable to take any more, throws herself into the road and is hit by a car. The police inform Alma that Berta had psychological problems, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at age 12, and that she had reported the teacher, although it was determined that the abuse did not occur.

Confused, Alma decides to apologize to her teacher after class, only to discover a frightened and soiled student at her door. She realizes the truth and threatens to expose the teacher.

When she gets home, with the help of her parents, she writes a banner that she hangs at the entrance of the high school the next day: “Beware, a rapist is hiding in here”. The students join her, and the police finally arrest the teacher after complaints from other girls, inspired by Alma and Berta’s Instagram account.

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