One Punch Man season 3

No kidding. The trailer for season 3 of One Punch Man is finally out, and what a trailer it is! After an eternal wait in which everyone was speculating about which animation studio would be in charge of the new season, if Mappa, if Bones, if it would be the new animation studio of Yusuke Murata, we finally have the answers to all the questions. Finally we have the answers to all the questions: What animation will One Punch Man season 3 have? What is the premiere date of One Punch Man season 3? Keep reading and you will find out. We also leave you the amazing One Punch Man season 3 official trailer at the end of this article.

One Punch Man Season 3 Trailer

One Punch Man Trailer Season 3

It’s here. And the long wait was worth it. The trailer begins with the One Punch Man logo and a voiceover of what appears to be Dr. Genus talking about the Limiter that all humans have and how there seems to be someone who has been able to break this Limiter. He is clearly referring to the caped bald man, Saitama. This confirms a widespread theory on the internet as to why Saitama is so strong? Then we can finally see the animation that the new season will have. And we must say that the animation is simply excellent. The trailer shows us the fight between the hero hunter Garou against Royal Ripper and Bug God. The animation of the fight is excellent, very fluid and with a perfect choreography. It will definitely be worth the wait. The trailer ends with the phrase: Supreme power vs. supreme fear, referring to Saitama and Garou.

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What animation will One Punch Man Season 3 have?

royal ripper vs garou

Here comes the “controversial” part so to speak. Much had been speculated about the studio that would animate season 3. Many were the names on the table. From Mappa, through Ufotable to even the new animation studio of Yusuke Murata, illustrator of the One manga. But finally, the animation studio that will be in charge of season 3 of One Punch Man is J.C.Staff. Yes, the same J.C.Staff that animated the controversial season 2. But there is no need to panic about this. Because although the animation studio is the same there are VERY important changes within the production team.

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Madhouse heroes return

garou one punch man season 3

Unlike season 2, the first season of One Punch Man received a lot of praise. Back then it was Madhouse that was in charge of animating the One manga. Well, for the third season, the J.C.Staff team is joined by Makoto Miyazaki (One Punch Man and SpyxFamily), in charge of music, and the very famous animator and character designer Chikashi Kubota (Dragon Ball Super Broly). Both present in the famous One Punch Man season 1.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

gorou vs bug god season 3

Unfortunately, what we are not told in the trailer is the release date. However, seeing how advanced and well finished the footage shown is, we can deduce that One Punch Man season 3 will premiere in early 2025.This has undoubtedly been a great surprise and one of the best news this year. With fluid animation and incredible drawings, not to mention the music, this trailer has been a spectacular preview to everything that is coming in this season.

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