Ya está en Netflix la temporada 2 de Perfect Match

Are you hooked on the crazy love adventures of Netflix’s most sought-after singles in “Perfect Match”? Great! Because season 2 is now available on the platform since June 7th and promises to be even more explosive than the first.

If you’re wondering who the new singles joining the villa are, don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it. In this season, 22 familiar faces from Netflix reality shows like “Love is Blind”, “The Ultimatum” or “Playing with Fire” embark on a new adventure in search of true love.

Who are the new singles?

  • Alara (Dated & Related – Season 1)
  • Brittan (Too Hot to Handle – Season 4)
  • Bryton (Squid Game: The Challenge – Season 1)
  • Dom (The Mole – Season 1, Perfect Match – Season 1)
  • Dominique (Too Hot to Handle – Season 4)
  • Chris (Dated & Related – Season 1)
  • Christine (Too Hot to Handle – Season 5)
  • Elys (Too Hot to Handle – Season 5)
  • Harry (Too Hot to Handle – Season 1)
  • Holly (Too Hot to Handle – Season 3)
  • Izzy (Love Is Blind – Season 5)
  • Jake (The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On – Season 1)
  • Jessica (Love Is Blind – Season 6)
  • Justin (Surviving Paradise – Season 1)
  • Kaz (Dated & Related – Season 1)
  • Melinda (Too Hot to Handle – Season 2, Dated & Related – Season 1)
  • Micah (Love Is Blind – Season 4)
  • Nigel (Too Hot to Handle – Season 4)
  • Stevan (Too Hot to Handle – Season 3)
  • Tolú (The Trust – Season 1)

And what can we expect from this new season? More drama, more laughs, and more compatibility tests to put the couples to the test. The singles will have to prove that they are a “Perfect Match” if they want to make it to the final and win the prize.


Don’t miss season 2 of Perfect Match on Netflix!

In addition to all the excitement of dating and romance, this season we can also expect to see a greater diversity of participants than in the previous one. This is something that fans have been clamoring for and Netflix has listened to.

“Perfect Match” is a fun, addictive reality show that’s perfect for having a good time. If you like dating reality shows, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

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