Llega la secuela de una de las películas de terror más taquilleras de 2022. Smile 2

Smile 2. Horror fans, rejoice! The sequel to Smile, the film that took cinemas by storm in 2022, has a release date. After its terrifying success, grossing over $200 million worldwide on a budget of just $17 million, the film is back to continue delighting (or rather, terrifying) audiences.

When will Smile 2 be released?

Mark your calendars: Smile 2 hits theaters on October 18, 2024, just in time for Halloween.

Meet the cast of Smile 2!

Smile 2 is just around the corner, ready to scare us with new doses of psychological terror. If you’re dying to know who the actors are who will bring the characters of this chilling sequel to life, don’t go anywhere! Here we tell you all about it:

  • Kyle Gallner: Reprises his role as Joel from the first film.
  • Naomi Scott: Joins the cast as a new character.
  • Lukas Gage: Also joins the cast as a new character.
  • Rosemarie DeWitt: Joins the cast as a new character.
  • Dylan Gelula: Reprises her role as Trey from the first film.
  • Raúl Castillo: Joins the cast as a new character.
  • Miles Gutiérrez-Riley: Joins the cast as a new character.
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What can we expect from Smile 2?

For now, the plot of the sequel is being kept under wraps, but we do know that Parker Finn, director of the first film, will be back at the helm of the project. We can also expect the return of some of the most iconic characters from the first installment, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

What made Smile such a successful film?

Smile won over audiences thanks to its original and chilling premise: a young doctor begins to see strange smiles on her patients, a smile that seems to be contagious and that hides a dark secret. The film also stood out for its effective direction and good performances, managing to create an atmosphere of constant tension and fear.

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Smile 2 promises to be one of the most anticipated horror films of the year. If you enjoyed the first installment, don’t miss the sequel, which will undoubtedly send chills down your spine.

Don’t miss the chance to smile again… with terror with Smile 2.