soul disney pixar
soul disney pixar

Soul Soul Masterpiece of Disney Pixar. Have you ever wondered what makes you, you? What are the things that you are passionate about, that motivate you, and give meaning to your life? These are some of the questions posed by Soul.

Soul is an animated film that tells the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher who dreams of being a professional jazz pianist. One day, he gets a unique opportunity to play at the best club in the city, but he suffers an accident that takes him to the Great Before, the place where souls acquire their personality and interests before being born.

There, Joe meets 22, a rebellious and sarcastic soul who has been rejecting life on Earth for centuries. Together, they embark on a journey to help Joe recover his body and 22 to find her spark, that which makes her want to live

Why is Soul a masterpiece of Disney Pixar?

Soul is a film that has received critical acclaim and praise from audiences, but it has also gone unnoticed by many. This is partly because it was released directly on the Disney Plus streaming platform, bypassing traditional movie theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Soul is a masterpiece deserving of recognition for its artistic quality and thematic depth. Here are some reasons why Soul stands out as one of the best Disney Pixar films:

  1. Original and Bold: Soul dares to explore complex and existential themes such as the meaning of life, death, destiny, and freedom. It does so in a creative and entertaining manner, avoiding clichés and moralizing. The film introduces a fascinating and fantastical world called the “Great Before,” where souls prepare for life on Earth.
  2. Emotional and Moving: Soul touches the hearts and souls of viewers, evoking laughter, tears, and reflection. The journey of Joe and 22, two very different characters who complement and help each other, conveys positive and hopeful messages. These include the importance of pursuing our dreams, savoring the present moment, and embracing our true selves.
  3. Beautiful and Captivating: Visually and sonically stunning, Soul excels in animation. Its attention to detail and realism is impressive. The film masterfully recreates New York City, capturing its streets, buildings, and multicultural ambiance. It also contrasts the real world with the spiritual realm, featuring original and colorful character designs and settings. The soundtrack, blending jazz and classical music, creates an immersive and emotive atmosphere.
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What is the meaning of the movie Soul?

Soul is a film that has multiple interpretations and messages, depending on the perspective and experience of each viewer. However, there are some aspects that can be highlighted as the meaning of the film:

  • The spark is not the same as the vocation. One of the central ideas of the movie is that souls need to find their spark, that which makes them want to live, before they are born. However, the movie clarifies that the spark is not the same as the vocation, that is, it is not about a profession or a specific activity, but an attitude towards life. The spark is what makes us feel alive, curious, and happy, and it can be in anything we like or catches our attention. The vocation is just one way to express our spark, but not the only or the most important one.
  • Life is a gift. Another lesson that the movie conveys is that life is a gift that must be taken advantage of and appreciated. The movie shows how Joe, obsessed with his dream of being a musician, forgets to enjoy the little things that surround him, like his family, his friends, or his job. It also shows how 22, who has never lived on Earth, marvels at the sensations, flavors, and sounds she experiences. The movie invites us to value life as a unique and wonderful opportunity, and not to let our fears, frustrations, or expectations prevent us from being happy.
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We are more than what we do

We are more than what we do. Finally, the movie reminds us that we are more than what we do, that our identity is not defined by our work, our success, or our failure. The movie shows how Joe feels incomplete and empty when he cannot fulfill his dream of being a pianist, and how 22 feels lost and purposeless when she cannot find her spark. The movie teaches us that what really matters is who we are, what we feel, and what we contribute to the world. We are unique and unrepeatable beings, with a soul that makes us special.

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Soul Disney Pixar is a must-see gem.

In summary, “Soul” is a Disney Pixar masterpiece that deserves more recognition. It’s a film that makes us reflect on life, passion and finding our purpose. So, the next time you browse Disney Plus, don’t hesitate to give this forgotten gem a chance. I assure you that you won’t regret it.

Enjoy it and let yourself be carried away by its magic!