La perturbadora frase que dice Aladdín en el minuto 57 de la película ¿Leyenda urbana o realidad

Aladdín Urban Legend. The 1992 Disney film became an instant classic. With its catchy songs, endearing characters, and a story filled with magic and adventure, it captivated audiences of all ages. However, behind its family-friendly and cheerful appearance, some have found a disturbing secret.

In minute 57 of the film, Aladdin, disguised as a prince, is on the palace balcony. As he tries to talk to Princess Jasmine, she observes through the curtains, and at that precise moment, the phrase “good teenagers take off their clothes” is heard. The phrase, spoken in English as “Good teenagers take off their clothes,” has generated much controversy over the years.

Many believe that it is a subliminal message, a way to sexualize children and adolescents. Others consider it a simple coincidence or a mistranslation. The phrase is not repeated in any other part of the film, which adds to the mystery and confusion.

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Has Disney debunked this message?

Despite the numerous theories circulating on the internet, Disney has never confirmed or denied the meaning of the phrase. Some fans have tried to find a logical explanation, suggesting that Iago is referring to teenagers taking off their clothes to buy new clothes. However, this theory does not convince many, as the phrase is said in a context where Iago is clearly admiring the apple seller.

Aladdin’s phrase has become an urban legend that has not been debunked. It has been the subject of analysis and debate on internet forums, radio and television shows. Some have even gone so far as to conduct independent research to try to find the truth.

What do you think? Do you believe that Aladdin’s phrase has a hidden meaning? Or is it just a coincidence?

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The other “urban legend” that was confirmed: Who is the merchant in Aladdin?

An unexpected twist in the plot of the classic Disney film: the merchant who appears at the beginning of the film, played by the iconic Robin Williams, could actually be the Genie in disguise. This theory, which has gained followers among fans and scholars of history for years, now finds new support thanks to the revelation of a deleted scene from the final cut.

In this scene, which did not make it to theaters but was included in some later home video editions, the merchant transforms into the Genie, confirming the suspicions of many. While this scene was deleted for reasons of pacing and narrative, its existence adds a new dimension to the interpretation of the character and opens up a range of possibilities about his true nature.

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The clues that betray the merchant:

  • Similar physique: The merchant and the Genie share a remarkable physical resemblance, especially in the shape of their beards and the expression of their eyes.
  • Robin Williams’ voice: Both characters are played by the same actor, Robin Williams, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to the theory.
  • Ambiguous phrases: The merchant utters some phrases during his brief appearance that could be interpreted as clues to his true identity.

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