Se lo que hicisteis el ultimo verano
Se lo que hicisteis el ultimo verano

A New “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Movie is Lurking Around the Corner. For those who don’t know, this feature film is based on a novel of the same name by writer Louis Duncan. It was written by Kevin Williamson (the same guy who did Scream), and its cast is headed by young stars of the time like: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy), Freddie Prince Jr., or Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don’t want to forget the small role that actor Johnny Galecki (Leonard in The Big Bang Theory) has.

The movie had a more than decent second part, and a third one that went straight to VHS, which has nothing to do with the main story or its protagonists.

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Can the New ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Movie Recapture the Original’s Success?

The Hook Killer returns in a new ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ movie. And when the time comes, it will be necessary to assess its success both economically and in terms of the mark it leaves. In the case of the first installment, the film grossed $125 million worldwide. With a cost of 15, it will not be easy to match. Although we are not talking about any masterpiece, and it is not even among the 20 best horror films in history. It is remembered by the vast majority, which makes its legacy difficult to surpass.

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Sony Pictures announced that its new film with the same name as the original 1997 horror film will hit US theaters on July 18, 2025. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson directs the sequel from a screenplay she co-wrote with Sam Lansky, based on an initial screenplay by Leah McKendrick.

To live up to its predecessor, the first and most important thing they are doing is to bring back the two main protagonists (nostalgia rules the world). As for the story, of which nothing has been leaked yet, we do know that they will at least erase the third part from the map, as well as the series that Amazon Prime Video made in 2021.

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Where can I watch the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” saga?

Both the first and second installments can be watched on Filmin. They are also available on platforms like Amazon Prime or Rakuten, but for rent. And if that’s not enough and you want something harder to watch, the series is still available in the Prime Video catalog.