La herencia tiene un precio

 “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance” is an Italian comedy that has defied all odds to directly enter Netflix’s top 3, becoming the most-watched title of the moment. If you’re looking to have a good time and laugh without overthinking, this Italian comedy is a great option. Here’s everything you need to know about this funny and heartwarming film.

Official Synopsis of  “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance”

 “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance” follows the story of the Delle Fave family, an Italian family embarking on a new adventure in Menorca. The plot centers around the grandmother, who possesses an intriguing inheritance that is in jeopardy. A deceiver has managed to seduce her with the intention of marrying her, planning to take her to South America and possibly make her disappear in some remote area of the Amazon River.

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Faced with this threat, Anna, the grandmother’s daughter, decides to intervene. She drags her husband and children into an unusual mission: to kill the fiancé before the wedding! Amid arguments, past resentments, and events on the brink of tragedy, the impromptu assassins will realize that, beyond money, family is the most important treasure.

Why Is It in Netflix’s Top 3?

The film’s script is full of unexpected twists and clever dialogues that keep the viewer hooked from beginning to end. The story, although simple in its premise, is structured in a way that each scene adds something new and fun.

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There has been a tradition of comedy in Italy for many years, and thanks to platforms like Netflix, we can discover these small films that might have otherwise gone unnoticed by the general public.

Cast of “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance”

The cast, though unfamiliar to most (including myself), are renowned comedic actors in Italy. Here are the main actors:

  • Christian De Sica as Carlo Delle Fave, the deceased father whose inheritance triggers the plot.
  • Angela Finocchiaro as Anna Delle Fave.
  • Claudio Colica as Emilio Delle Fave.
  • Dharma Mangia Woods as Alessandra.
  • Darko Peric as Bojan.
  • Antonio Bruschetta as Nunzio Zampa.
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 “The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance” is an Italian comedy that has resonated with viewers, securing a spot in Netflix’s top 3 and becoming one of the most-watched titles at the moment. While it may be hard to pinpoint exactly why it has reached such a high position on Netflix, (as this writer believes it’s a good comedy but not necessarily a standout), it certainly provides a fun experience.

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