el problema de los tres cuerpos
el problema de los tres cuerpos

What mysteries lurk beyond our planet? How do we deal with imminent contact with an alien civilization? These questions, as old as the cosmos itself, find their answer in the new Netflix series, “The Three-Body Problem.”

In a world where science and technology advance by leaps and bounds, humanity finds itself on the brink of a discovery that will change its destiny forever. A signal from outer space reaches our radars, and with it, an unimaginable threat. The Trisolarians, a civilization on the verge of extinction, have picked up our call and are heading for Earth. But what do they want: friendship or conquest?

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What is the three-body theory?

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Liu Cixin, a Chinese author whose imagination and vision of the future have captivated millions of readers around the world. The title refers to the three-body problem in orbital mechanics, a question posed by the gravitational interaction between three celestial bodies. But here, the problem is not just astronomical; it is existential.

What are the three books of the three-body problem?

The complete trilogy, known as “The Remembrance of Earth’s Past,” consists of three books:

  • The Three-Body Problem: The Beginning of Everything. The Signal, the arrival of the Trisolarians and the struggle for survival.
  • The Dark Forest“: Humanity organizes itself to face the threat. Strategies, intrigues and desperate decisions.
  • The End of Death“: The climax. The final battle, the revelation of secrets and the resolution of the enigma.
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When is the three-body theory released?

The 3 Body Problem will be available for worldwide viewing on March 21 on Netflix. This first season will consist of 24 episodes that will be released on the same day, with an approximate duration of about 60 minutes each.

How does the three-body problem end? 

Without spoilers, I can tell you that the ending is not what you expect. Cixin Liu plunges us into a universe of infinite possibilities, where science and philosophy intertwine. The answers are not simple, and the consequences of our actions reverberate through time and space.

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So, dear reader, prepare for a journey into the heart of uncertainty. “The Three Body Problem” will challenge you, amaze you, and make you ponder our place in the cosmos. Are we alone? Are we the only ones? What if we are not?

The answer is out there, waiting for us. Do you dare to discover it?