AlRawabi School for Girls - Layan

The new term begins at AlRawabi School for Girls. Everyone’s geared up to unravel the details and intrigues of its highly anticipated second season, now streaming on Netflix. So, everyone, take your seats because we’re taking attendance.

What to Expect in “AlRawabi School for Girls” Season 2?

alrawabi school for girls season 2

The show that’s taking Netflix by storm whisks viewers into an elite all-girls school, where power dynamics and social conflicts unfold intensely. Season one explored contemporary themes like bullying, social relationships, sexism, revenge, and identity quest. With complex characters and a gripping narrative, the series has gained global attention, becoming a standout addition to Netflix’s youth dramas. With an open-ended finale, the first season set the stage for more conflicts and character development in its second season.

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How Many Episodes in “AlRawabi School for Girls” Season 2?

The quintessential streaming platform, Netflix, continues to be the home for this thrilling series. Like its first season, “AlRawabi School for Girls” Season 2 comprises six episodes, each running between 50 and 70 minutes.

Where Is AlRawabi School?

where is alrawabi school

After watching the first season, many fans pondered if AlRawabi School truly exists. The school, as depicted, is not real. However, numerous institutions like it exist in Arab countries due to the typical gender segregation in Islamic nations. “AlRawabi School for Girls” is set in Amman, the capital of Jordan—an awe-inspiring city portrayed with magnificent landscapes and surroundings.

What Happened to Layan at the End of Season One?


The second season features the primary cast from the first season, though they only appear in one episode as a sort of cameo. The second season introduces an entirely new set of protagonists with an independent storyline. If you haven’t met them yet, you can still join their classes in the complete series on Netflix. But what happened to Layan? If you finished the first season, you know it ended on a cliffhanger. Layan decided to skip class to spend time with Laith. Hazem then shows up with a gun and catches the two young lovers. A gunshot is heard, ending the season. We don’t know if Hazem shot Laith or perhaps made the decision to kill his own sister. The mystery unravels in Season 2. In one scene, Mrs. Abeer gathers with her former students. They hug and attend what seems like an honorary event for someone. And that someone is… Layan. Indeed, at the end of the first season, Hazem makes the fateful decision to murder his sister to “restore” the tarnished honor of his family. A tragic drama, but unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence in Arab countries. The patriarchal machismo deeply rooted in society restricts women’s freedoms daily. “AlRawabi School for Girls” is a cry of “enough” to that society, where women want to progress freely and fearlessly. This second season is dedicated to all the Layans around the world.

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