De qué trata Elio

When is Elio Coming Out. The third Disney and Pixar movie to explore the science fiction genre, has generated great excitement among fans of animated cinema. After the success of films like WALL-E and Lightyear, many are wondering when they will be able to enjoy this new space adventure.

In this article, we will tell you everything we know about Elio’s release date, as well as some details about its plot and characters.

When is Elio coming out?

When is Elio Coming Out? Elio’s original release date was planned for March 1, 2024, but according to The Disinsider, the new date is June 13, 2025, just before summer begins.

It is important to note that this date is only an estimate and could change in the future. We recommend following the official Disney and Pixar channels for up-to-date information on the film’s release.

What is Elio about?

It is the story of a helpless boy with a big imagination who finds himself unwittingly transported to the Communiverse, an interplanetary organization with representatives from galaxies everywhere. Mistakenly identified as Earth’s ambassador to the rest of the universe, and completely unprepared for that kind of pressure, Elio must form new bonds with eccentric alien life forms, survive a series of extraordinary trials, and somehow discover what his true destiny is.

Adrián Molina’s first film as a solo director after co-directing Coco.

What can we expect from Elio?

Based on the available information, we can expect Elio to be a movie full of adventure, excitement, and humor. Like previous Disney and Pixar sci-fi films, Elio will likely explore themes of friendship, family, and self-discovery.

In addition, Elio is sure to feature high-quality animation and unique and appealing character design. Pixar fans can be sure that this new film will be a memorable visual and narrative experience.

Only time will tell if Elio lives up to expectations. But one thing is for sure: this movie is a big bet for Disney and Pixar, and we’re excited to see what it has in store for us.