Mi querida Oni Todo lo que debes saber sobre el nuevo anime de Studio Colorido en Netflix

My Oni girl: Everything You Need to Know About the New Studio Colorido Anime on Netflix. If so, don’t miss My Oni girl, the latest film from Studio Colorido that arrives on Netflix on May 24th. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this animated film that promises to be one of the great premieres of the year.

What is My Oni girl about?

The anime tells the story of Hiiragi, a high school student who has trouble fitting in with his classmates and is always willing to help others, even against his own will. One day, while carrying out one of these errands, Hiiragi meets Tsumugi, an oni (demon) who has come to the human world in search of her mother. Tsumugi is the complete opposite of Hiiragi: impulsive, independent, and with a great sense of justice. Despite their differences, the two young people will embark on an adventure full of magic, friendship, and self-discovery.

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Production of the new Netflix anime

The film is directed by Tomotaka Shibayama, who also directed A Whisker Away, another successful Studio Colorido film.

Screenplay for the new anime is written by Mari Okada, a screenwriter known for her work on anime such as Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and Maquia: Farewell to the Promised Flower.

The character designs for the film are by Yoshitoshi Akai, who also worked on A Whisker Away and Penguin Highway.

The soundtrack for the new Studio Colorido Anime is composed by Takayuki Hattori, who has worked on anime such as Violet Evergarden and Sound! Euphonium.

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When will My Oni girl be released?

My Oni girl will be released on Netflix on May 24, 2024.

Is My Oni girl one of the best anime on Netflix?

It is too early to say whether the new Netflix anime will become one of the best anime on Netflix. However, it has all the potential to do so. The film has a top-notch production team, a heartwarming story, and a unique visual style.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about this wonderful anime. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

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