Bad Boys 5

Bad Boys 5. Stars of the franchise, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, are considering their return for a fifth installment.

The Bad Boys franchise, which began in 1995 with Michael Bay’s eponymous film, has captivated audiences for nearly three decades. Following the success of the latest installment, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, speculations about a possible Bad Boys 5 have been rampant.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith and Lawrence unveiled their conditions for returning to the franchise. Both actors expressed openness to the idea of continuing the story of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, but with some caveats.

Entertainment Weekly Interview

 Smith remarked, “It’s a world and characters I love being in. If there’s a reason to do it, and fans want it, I’m in. But there has to be something new to say and worth people going to the theater to see.” 

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Lawrence added, “We always have a blast making these movies, and we gotta give the audience what they want. If the fans demand it, we could come back.”

Will the success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die spur a new installment?

The numbers indicate that the franchise continues to enjoy immense popularity. Ride or Die has already grossed over $105 million in its opening weekend and has the potential to surpass the $426.5 million of Bad Boys for Life, becoming the highest-grossing film of the saga.

Moreover, this success comes at a time when Hollywood’s box office isn’t exactly thriving. Bad Boys: Ride or Die has become a lifeline for the industry, and its warm reception could be the definitive push for Bad Boys 5 to become a reality.

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The future of the franchise

While Bad Boys 5 has not been officially confirmed yet, all signs point to it being a matter of time. The willingness of Smith and Lawrence, coupled with the success of the latest installment, are very positive factors.

However, there are some aspects that could hinder its production. The actors’ schedules could be an obstacle, as well as their age, which could affect their ability to perform action scenes.

A possible return of Michael Bay

It’s worth noting that Michael Bay, director of the first films in the franchise, made a cameo in Bad Boys: Ride or Die. This detail has led many fans to speculate about his possible return to directing in a fifth installment.

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In summary, the future of Bad Boys 5 seems uncertain but hopeful. The warm reception of the latest film, the willingness of its protagonists, and the possibility of Michael Bay’s return are factors that tilt the balance towards a potential new installment. Only time will tell if Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett will return to action.