Nicholas Galitzine se convierte en el protagonista de la película live-action de Masters of the Universe

Attention all Eternia fans! After years of speculation and rumors, it has finally been confirmed who will play the legendary He-Man in the upcoming live-action Masters of the Universe movie. It’s British actor Nicholas Galitzine, who recently starred in the film “The Idea of You” alongside Anne Hathaway.

Nicholas Galitzine: A He-Man for the 21st Century

Galitzine, known for his role in “Red White & Royal Blue,” will step into the role of Prince Adam, who transforms into the mighty He-Man when he raises the Sword of Power. The film, directed by Travis Knight (“Bumblebee”), promises to be a faithful adaptation of the classic Mattel character, but with a modern twist that will appeal to new audiences.

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Masters of the Universe: A Classic Returns with a Vengeance

Masters of the Universe is a franchise that has been captivating children and adults around the world for decades. The original animated series, which aired in the 1980s, was a huge success and became a pop culture icon.

More recently, Netflix released a new animated series titled Masters of the Universe: Revolution, which has received positive reviews from audiences.

When will the live-action movie be released?

The live-action Masters of the Universe movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 5, 2026.

Little is known about the plot of the film at this time. However, fans are hoping that the film will be an epic adventure full of action, humor, and heart.

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Are you a fan of Masters of the Universe? What do you think of the casting of Nicholas Galitzine as He-Man? 

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